When I knew you were gonna be my next disaster…

The first time I saw you, I remember that I thought “oh my God, such a beautiful smile”, and then, was the moment when I figured out everything was gonna happen again.

I gave you my number thinking how many adventures I could get next to you and I can’t deny, I don’t regret it. With each message that I received from you I felt a strange feeling and always wrote back you with a smile on my face and that’s why I knew you were gonna be my next disaster.

When you kissed me, I could feel the world falling apart next to me and yes, it was because right now without you in my life I can say that my world is empty, without those walls which gave me security while I was with you.

The first time you said I love you, that was the time when I really knew you were just my next disaster, which is gonna destroy everything in my life and my heart, but I couldn’t refuse to live again all the beautiful things which I lived with you.

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