How’s it feel to have a German penpal…

A couple weeks ago I met someone who looked like the guys seem. A normal man with his particular dynamics and all the stuff which everybody has. When I started to talk with him I realized he was a different guy, maybe his writing style was especially good and I liked that.

We’ve met each other and suddenly I think right now he’s such a good guy. He’s from Germany, and lives in a town near to the Netherlands and the city’s name is too hard to pronounce, oh yes, is German and in German all the words are hard to pronounce… Lol.

I live in Latin America and he’s never been here as neither I in Germany. Our realities are so different, I mean, he lives in the first world and I in what they’ve called “third world”, the place where they buy the majority of food which they can’t crop in their lands.

Meeting him has been such a mystery adventure of teaching and learning, because of the difference of mother tounge. We all the time speak in English is one of the common things we have. He wants to learn Spanish and I want German, but guess what… Neither of both do it because of we just speak in English and then we get confused trying to include more of one language in our conversation.

By the way, it has been awesome chatting with him, knowing him, knowing what he thinks about a lot of things and the most important thing I trust on him. He’s my penpal.

Und Er ist meine Freund.

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